Here you will find our instructions and examples for the automatic calculation of duty rosters with Taso.

First Steps

It just takes some minutes!

  1. Contact us and we will create a free account for you.
  2. Select the name of your team, then click on the button load example and select an example plan.
  3. Go to the Calculation page and click on the Recalculate button. The duty roster will be calculated in a few seconds.
  4. Change the duty roster and adapt it to your use case.

Further information

Duty rosters with up to six people are free of charge. Ideal for trying out Taso at your leisure. Don't hesitate to contact us via the form, if you wish to evaluate Taso with more than six people. We reply as fast as we can by e-mail.

What Taso is

Taso (from Task Solver) is an efficiency tool for workforce scheduling. Specifically, it takes care of the tricky and time-consuming task of distributing shifts fairly among your employees during the planning process. What is a tedious problem for us humans can be solved by computers with special algorithms in the shortest possible time and in high quality. Thanks to Taso's simple and intuitive user interface, you can calculate duty rosters, without worrying about the technical details.

What Taso is not

Your organization is probably already using a PEP tool (workforce planning) or employee management software. Taso does not replace these tools because they solve different problems than Taso, such as workflows, time recording and employee communication. Taso therefore concentrates on the automatic calculation of duty rosters. Thanks to this narrow focus, integrating Taso into your planning process is much easier than usual business software:

  • No installation required, Taso runs in your web browser. In particular, there is no need for expensive integration of the software into the core and peripheral systems of your IT organization.
  • You can use Taso without transmitting personal data or other confidential information.
  • Instead of planning the services manually every month, you simply copy the personnel requirements and availabilities into Taso. Then you let Taso calculate and then copy the finished duty roster back into your previous software.

We plan to offer a standardized software interface (API) to enable integration into your IT organization's peripheral systems if required.

Taso is a simple and powerful app from Switzerland 🇨🇭 for automatic duty scheduling with artificial intelligence for individual teams and entire companies.