Taso for the health sector
Put an end to dissatisfied doctors and nursing staff, endless adjustments and discussions about the painstakingly developed duty rosters: Taso app provides the intelligent and quick solution for fair and transparent duty scheduling in the hospital.

Why Taso?

Automated duty scheduling according to your individual staffing requirements in minutes

Manual duty scheduling simply takes too much time? Taso web app automatically creates duty rosters for you in no time. Enter your precisely customizable staffing requirements and organize your team according to your wishes by functions, departments, employment level, roles and also competences. Taso starts working for you and calculates possible duty rosters.

Intelligent duty rosters according to your individual as well as regal requirements

Do you need to pay attention to several rules and special cases in your manual duty scheduling? Does this make your work extremely difficult with even small changes causing unforeseen problems? Even fixed rotation patterns quickly reach their limits, for example in the case of days off (change of residence, wedding, death, etc.)? Whether it's several days off in a row, fair distribution of late and night shifts, specific compensation rules or sufficient rest days after night shifts: it's better to define your rules once in Taso and let the app's powerful AI calculator do the rest, no matter whether these rules affect the entire staff, certain groups or even just certain people. Also specify which rules are critical - Taso creates duty rosters according to the rules' priorities you specify.

Easy management of absences and time off requests

Enter your employees' absences and time-off requests into the Taso web app. The tool automatically stores these as rules for the corresponding persons. The subsequent adjustment of the created duty rosters in the event of absences and shift swap is of course also possible in the Taso Web App.

Prevention of dissatisfaction and important insights for long-term personnel planning

A duty roster that fulfils all stored rules and wishes is not always possible, even with Taso. The Taso web app presents you with different versions and informs you which rules could not be adhered to. In this way, you can consult with the relevant persons before a discrepancy arises.

Simple overview for fairness in duty scheduling

Your employees complain that they are often treated unfairly in rostering? Taso shows you the facts clearly. For each duty roster, you can see the rule violations per employee. Any manual adjustment made afterwards is also shown. This way you can immediately see how fair the staff scheduling is.

Coming soon: Employee app for efficient communication regarding duty scheduling

To make duty scheduling with Taso even more efficient, we are currently working on a web app for your employees that can be accessed from anywhere on a smartphone or computer without installation. Absences as well as time off and holiday requests can be entered into it. Of course, you as the planner can set upper limits and other restrictions for this.

The app also provides insight into current and past duty rosters and enables shift swaps with the corresponding approval process as well as other forms of employee collaboration. Everything is synchronized with the dashboard of the Taso web app.

Data exchange made easy
Whether fully integrated into your corporate IT or used separately as a standalone application, with Taso you can efficiently import and export your data. You can download the duty roster as an Excel file or copy it to the clipboard at any time. For communication with peripheral systems such as time tracking and other software, Taso offers a standardized REST API interface for easy integration.
Extensive security and continuous updating
We rely on leading cloud providers to offer you a fully managed cloud service. Working with their world-class security and operations teams, we fend off cyber threats, keep your data protected, and keep servers and databases up to date.
Tailor-made Duty Scheduling Platform
We offer a range of tailored features to meet the needs of large enterprises. These include single sign-on, audit trail, high availability, guaranteed computing capacity and the ability to run Taso on your infrastructure.

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Taso is a simple and powerful app from Switzerland 🇨🇭 for automatic duty scheduling with artificial intelligence for individual teams and entire companies.