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Define scheduling rules once and effortlessly create rosters with artificial intelligence that can be adapted to new requirements at any time.

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What our clients say

„With Taso, we save a lot of time every month in scheduling our consulting hotline. The app is easy to use and does the time-consuming scheduling for me. The calculated schedule is balanced and all employee requests are automatically taken into account. Cool!“

Clea Henzen, Energy Consultant
Umwelt- und Gesundheitsschutz Zürich

„Taso has radically simplified my monthly scheduling with around twenty people. It used to take me about eight hours to prepare the schedule by hand. Thanks to Taso, I can do it all effortlessly in less than thirty minutes. I wouldn't have believed such a thing was even possible.“

Andy Hobi, Community Manager
Blick-Gruppe at Ringier AG

What does Taso offer you?

Calculate schedules

A highly effective, rule-based optimization engine calculates rosters within two minutes, that would otherwise take you hours.

Locate problems

Somehow your planning doesn't work out? Taso finds out if there can't be a solution to your planning problem and shows you exactly where the problem lies.

Check changes

If you adjust the calculated plan by hand, Taso will give you a hint if a condition is no longer fulfilled.

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Customizable Configuration

You can create as many conditions as you want and adjust all parameters yourself. Thanks to text output in the form of a sentence you can exactly conclude what effect the condition will have on the planning.

Simple Data Exchange

All tables can be easily transferred between Taso and other software (Excel, Google Docs, PEP-Tool) by copying and pasting via the clipboard. You can also download the schedule as an Excel file.

Dein Plan, deine Regeln

Nutze deine Zeit intelligenter mit Taso. Statt jeden Monat über deine Dienstplanung zu brüten, hinterlege einmalig deine Planungsregeln in Taso und profitiere danach jeden Monat von der automatischen Berechnung. Hier ein paar Beispiele wie deine Bedingungen aussehen könnten.

Die Schicht Nachtdienst darf maximal drei Mal in Folge vorkommen. Betrifft alle.

Beim Wechsel von Schicht Nachtdienst müssen mindestens zwei Ruheschichten folgen. Betrifft die Gruppe Fach.

Pro Woche sollen höchstens zwei Einsätze der Schicht Frühdienst eingeplant werden. Betrifft die Personen Jonas und Reto.

Klicke auf Bearbeiten um die Werte mit dem Bedingungen-Editor zu verändern. Diese Demo speichert keine Werte und die Änderungen sind nur für dich sichtbar.

The Taso Method

In order for Taso to be able to calculate a schedule for you, it only needs a few pieces of information about your team and your schedule. You only have to enter this information once. The next time you plan a duty roster, all data will be copied and can be adjusted. Here is the approximate procedure:

1. Team Up

At the beginning you create the list of team members with name and workload or number of services. You can assign team members to one or more groups and thus model different qualifications, sub-teams, employment conditions, etc.

2. Define Shifts

In the next step you describe your shifts with name, duration and other attributes. These are useful for the compliance with the rest period and for the correct crediting of vacation days.

3. Determine Staff Demands

A staff demand describes how many people are needed each day for a particular service. If you have different functions in your team (specialist, assistant, management), you can define here who is eligible for which services. You can easily define the required number of people using a weekly pattern. If a day is special, you can enter a different number there.

4. Declare Availabilities

Here you can enter the vacation absences, time off requests and other restrictions of your team members regarding the selection of duties (e.g. only morning duties, because the person is not available in the afternoon). If necessary, you can also assign services directly here, i.e. schedule them manually. Taso supports you by displaying warnings if personnel requirements and conditions cannot be met.

5. Formulate Conditions

Here you can define and weight any number of freely configurable rules and targets. Don't worry, so that you don't lose the overview, Taso generates an easy-to-understand sentence for every condition based on the the parameters you choose. This way you can check that the condition means exactly what you want.

6. Calculate Schedule

In this step, Taso transforms your staff demands, constraints, and availabilities into a giant equation system and solves it. If Taso doesn't find a solution, it shows you exactly where the problem is. You can manually adjust the computed schedule afterwards and then simply copy it into the tool of your choice. Or you can download it as an Excel file.

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