Our vision – Automated Duty Scheduling for All

With Taso, we are turning our shared vision into reality: a product that effortlessly completes a tedious, tricky and recurring task. Our goal is to create a noticeable simplification in the everyday lives of our clients.

The idea of automating duty scheduling isn't new, but has existed for many years. The creation of duty rosters is a classical task of mathematical optimization. Nevertheless, we have found in practice that many teams - be it in hospitals, nursing homes, media houses, factories and many other companies - are not yet able to use this powerful tool.

With Taso, we are taking the step of making computerized duty scheduling accessible to a wider range of teams. Behind our initiative is a shared desire to increase efficiency and job satisfaction in a wide variety of work environments. We firmly believe that intelligent duty scheduling not only optimizes processes, but also increases employee satisfaction.

Together, we work to constantly improve and develop Taso. Our vision drives us to create a future where team leaders can focus on the essentials while Taso takes care of the complexities of duty scheduling - so that every team member can reach their full potential.


Elio Gubser

Head of Product

Nadine Jordan

Head of Marketing & Sales

Marco Reber


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Taso is a simple and powerful app from Switzerland 🇨🇭 for automatic duty scheduling with artificial intelligence for individual teams and entire companies.