The app for automatic duty scheduling
Discover an innovative solution designed specifically for the needs of planners. Taso takes care of the time-consuming assignment of duties to people so you can spend more time on strategic decisions and increase employee satisfaction. Learn more about the features of Taso and take the first step towards a stress-free future of duty scheduling.

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Automated Duty Scheduling

Powerful Optimization

At the heart of Taso is a fully configurable optimization model, specifically designed for the calculation of duty schedules.

A duty roster is calculated based on your organization's staffing requirements, your employees' availability and the specific rules you define. Taso optimizes the different scheduling rules according to your priorities and automatically makes fair compromises on less important rules.

It is possible that a created duty roster does not fully meet your expectations. But don't worry. Taso offers support for this as well. You can plan parts of the duty roster manually and have the rest filled in automatically. With the help of search criteria, you have the possibility to request a duty roster with specific characteristics. And thanks to the integrated variant comparison, you can easily compare calculated duty roster variants with each other.

Edit planning rules easily

Rule Editor

Build your scheduling rules from more than 15 powerful templates.

These include shift changes, limiting the number of shift blocks, evenly distributing shifts among groups of people, etc. You can specify that individual rules apply only to certain people (e.g. night watch) and only on certain days (e.g. Friday to Sunday).

Functions, roles, competencies

Group Management

Organize your employees into groups to map employee functions, roles and competences.

Our group management is versatile and enables a dynamic and clear configuration of personnel requirements and planning rules. You can assign employees to multiple groups at the same time, define groups as an intersection or union of other groups, exclude certain groups or individuals from a group, or leave only employees with a certain employment contract in a group.

Warning for rule violations

Continuous Validation

Every time a change is made to the duty roster, compliance with staffing requirements and scheduling rules is checked. If there is a problem, you are notified immediately and can thus make sure that your duty roster is free from obvious errors.

Make plan quality visible


From the rules you set, Taso generates visualizations of your plan quality and automatically updates them whenever you make a change to the roster. This allows you to immediately see how your manual adjustments affect the fairness and other objective quality criteria.

Enough personnel for all duties

Staffing Requirements

Define how many people you need for certain shifts and who is eligible for them. You can store a weekly demand pattern and also enter deviations from the pattern directly into the table.

Vacations, absences, requests


Manage granted vacations, absences, and time off requests and enter shift requests in a clearly arranged table.

Efficient team communication

Employee App

Collect vacation requests and time off requests efficiently and directly from your team. Publish the new roster via the app and enable shift swaps and other forms of employee collaboration. Your employees have access to the work schedule from anywhere on their smartphones or computers. The app requires no installation or permissions on the device. (coming soon)

Data exchange made easy
Whether fully integrated into your corporate IT or used separately as a standalone application, with Taso you can efficiently import and export your data. You can download the duty roster as an Excel file or copy it to the clipboard at any time. For communication with peripheral systems such as time tracking and other software, Taso offers a standardized REST API interface for easy integration.
Extensive security and continuous updating
We rely on leading cloud providers to offer you a fully managed cloud service. Working with their world-class security and operations teams, we fend off cyber threats, keep your data protected, and keep servers and databases up to date.
Tailor-made Duty Scheduling Platform
We offer a range of tailored features to meet the needs of large enterprises. These include single sign-on, audit trail, high availability, guaranteed computing capacity and the ability to run Taso on your infrastructure.

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Taso is a simple and powerful app from Switzerland 🇨🇭 for automatic duty scheduling with artificial intelligence for individual teams and entire companies.